You won't believe what the Jehovah's Witnesses proclaimers book exposes!!!


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    EndofMysteries posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 18:42:23 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    It's said that apostates/ex jws are the ones who twist and lie. What if real strong black and white evidence, undeniable that the WT infact are the ones doing that.

    Look at the proclaimers book, page 218. They are talking about the June 1st and June 15, 1938 WT. This book was written in 1992, before the internet took off, so they were probably doing this on bets that nobody or very few would ever have access to the old magazines.

    On the last paragraph they are talking about a major doctrine change, this is when it's set in stone the society/rutherford/governing body are the ones giving teh food at the proper time. You'll notice how they say it's made up of those on earth who have been anointed with holy spirit.

    I read that and thought, wait a minute, rutherford had been teaching that holy spirit was done away with in 1918 to the day he died. That doesn't make sense.

    So I pulled up the june 1st and 15th 1938 watchtower and sure enough it doesn't say that at all. If you download it, go ot page 169 on the pdf and you'll see it says "which faithful and wise servant is made up and composed of all the anointed ones on earth brought into the temple into unity in christ" NOTHING about holy spirit.

    Infact in that article you'll see rutherford saying how holy spirt was part of the elijah period which ended in 1918. Rutherford claimed Jesus took over, so holy spirit was no longer needed, and Jesus was using those at Bethel to give the food at the proper time. Rutherford wrote all the books and articles, so rutherford was infact saying he was personally the head of the faithful slave and all anointed would listen to what he says in unity and obey. That's pretty much the true story. This made it so nobody could understand the bible because holy spirit was only until Jesus returned. After he died eventually they readapted holy spirit, but somehow it remained only the governing body would be the ones getting it.

    EndofMysteries posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 18:45:40 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    There are many instances of that in that book ,that is one example. Also why he was arrested, in that book and revelation book what they claim vs the true facts and court documents show more fabrications.

    Londo111 posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 18:48:24 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    Captives of a Concept helps make use of the Proclaimers book to help a JW awaken.

    I think the Proclaimers book may have been a way of blunting the effect of Crisis of Conscience, to inoculate some to the embarrassing history by partially acknowledging it. Before this, millions of Witnesses had never heard of Beth Serim, 1874, Pyramids, and so forth.

    So many who learned of this most likely said, “Why didn’t the Society ever tell me any of this?” By learning some of these things, it gives the illusion of being candid, and by putting a spin on some of these embarrassing tidbits, by reconciling a Witness to them. They can say, “Oh, Beth Serim? I read about that in the Proclaimers book. The Light got brighter.”

    designs posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 18:48:49 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    Nice find.

    EndofMysteries posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 18:56:10 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    Yea. I think for anybody going to a judicial committee, if they bring this book, and they bring a copy of the original article printed, they can point out who is the one that is twisting the facts. Infact it can be a very innocent way in which they learned of it. They read this book and since didn't have access to the original articles looked if any pdf scans of originals existed since they were so intrigued and wanted to have a great knowledge of our history, but then started to become concerned when seeing what the book said and the originals said didn't line up.

    F blondie posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 19:01:53 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    EndofMysteries posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 19:13:50 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    thanks for the link blondie, marked. I'm starting to make notes myself in the book. It will be good to supplement with that.

    00DAD posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 19:32:30 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    EOM: Interesting stuff. But I gotta' say, your writing is hard to follow.

    EndofMysteries posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 20:08:19 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    00DAD - I looked back and I can see that, so I will slow down and proof read. I did those posts in a rush.

    00DAD posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 20:16:15 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    Thank you. I am intrigued by your thesis and want to follow your line of thought, but had a heck of a time doing it.

    Good, clear writing is hard to do.

    mind blown posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 20:32:17 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    Awesome catch......

    So much for the "So Called Truth"......a very confused group GB/FDS.......from the begining.....

    EndofMysteries posted Thu, 22 Nov 2012 20:38:31 GMT(11/22/2012)

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    A very clear summary is this. The watchtower says apostates twist things. So JW's will think if you quote what any old publication said, that you would be twisting it. This is why showing the quotes in the original material is very important, it leaves no room to doubt. (SCANNED PDFS)

    Now most material that is used to help awaken somebody are based on the doctrine changes, generation changes, the ordeal of Rutherford overtaking the board, etc. What I have found is that many of these events are mentioned in the Jehovah's Witnesses Proclaimer's of God's Kingdom book. Some events are not mentioned at all, for example no mention of Rutherfords predicting 1925 as the end of the world.

    Now, how can you use this book to REALLY wake somebody up? Again many of the articles you would use and quote from, SOME of them are in this book, but they are changed. My example was showing how the book made it appear the teaching of the holy spirit has been continuous. ALL JW's believe that from Russell to today it's been understood and taught that holy spirit has been guiding the society. But from 1922 till Rutherfords death, it was taught that holy spirit was done away with starting in 1918.

    So how can JW's possibly not know that? In this book, the article they quoted from and in speaking about what that watchtower spoke about, they inserted things about holy spirit. The original article didn't mention it, infact the original article in other parts of it said how holy spirit ceased in 1918.

    JW's believe that EX JW's will lie and misquote old material. When a JW sees how the WT are the ones lying and misquoting old material, that's double damage.

    So instead of just merely showing the old articles and allowing that to awaken, if they also see how the reason we don't know these things is because they are flat out lying, you now showed them truth but also showed willful deception in print by the WT as well. Suddenly, the older articles and material you can show and quote may indeed show things they have never heard before since you are showing the WT is changing it's own history.

    sd-7 posted Fri, 30 Nov 2012 18:38:26 GMT(11/30/2012)

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    Fascinating. I'll have to look into this. Nice thread.

    I noticed a similar misleading scenario with the 'superior authorities' issue--not that I was the first one to notice it, I think I was reading Randy Watters' site ( and he mentioned it. The fascinating thing about the change to the current understanding in 1962 was that the WT articles in that series do not present the previous viewpoint at all. If you didn't know the belief about the 'higher powers' from 1929-1962, you would never have known it existed. While that may not be a direct lie, it's certainly a lie by omission. The Proclaimers book presents this as if it is the light getting brighter, when it's a case of human error eclipsing the light of clear, scriptural reality for more than three decades.

    But the important thing is that this false belief was eagerly shared with others, worldwide, via the pages of The Watchtower.


    sd-7 posted Sat, 01 Dec 2012 21:39:46 GMT(12/1/2012)

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    Okay. If we're going to discuss this, best to mention the details. If I'm following you correctly, page 218, bottom paragraph (or paragraph 2, using WT designation so far as I remember) in the Proclaimers book says:

    "How, then, were current appointments to service in the congregation to be made? The Watchtower analysis of theocratic organization showed from the Scriptures that Jehovah appointed Jesus Christ "head of the...congregation"; that when Christ as Master returned, he would entrust his "faithful and discreet slave" with responsibility "over all his belongings"; that this faithful and discreet slave was made up of all those on earth who had been anointed with holy spirit to be joint heirs with Christ and who were unitedly serving under his direction; and that Christ would use that slave class as his agency in providing needed oversight for the congregations."

    June 1, 1938 Watchtower, page 169, paragraph 21:

    "It must be seen by all who love and serve Jehovah, and who therefore believe the revealed truths of his Word, that the Lord Jesus Christ as the Head of Jehovah's organization Zion has a visible part of his organization on the earth, which represents the Lord and acts under the direct supervision of the Lord Jesus Christ. Otherwise the work of the Lord in the earth would be without order. His visible kingdom interests or "goods" must be committed to some representative, and the question now is, Who is that visible representative, standing in the place similar to that occupied and followed by Timothy and Titus, and which representative is clothed with certain authority to act? The answer must be found in the Scriptures, and not in the mere opinion of men. Jesus declared, as it is written, that upon coming to the temple he would commit all his goods or kingdom interests on earth to that "faithful and wise servant", which faithful and wise servant is made up and composed of all the anointed ones on earth brought into the temple in unity in Christ, and acting in complete unity under the direction of the Lord Jesus Christ."

    So there's the phrase that was tweaked to fit with the updated understanding. Now I'm assuming that the phrasing in 1938 was based on a very different understanding about the anointed, but I've yet to research the matter to prove it conclusively, and I've got to pick up my family from the KH--a 'special talk' today. But I hope this helps clarify the subject being discussed in this thread (and maybe is useful somehow, though I think more research would be required to pin it down conclusively).


    sd-7 posted Sun, 02 Dec 2012 03:53:44 GMT(12/2/2012)

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    So the point here is that the Proclaimers book really does quote the article verbatim, but it changes that phrase because it would be obvious to the reader of a later time period that the phrase used there doesn't fit with the current understanding. I guess it's sort of like a '1984' bringing-the-past-up-to-date kind of scenario.

    Problem is, a line like this probably won't convince a JW that anything is even remotely wrong. The difference is such a thin one that they might argue it's merely semantics, as the anointed are indeed brought into the temple in unity with Christ, after all. The implication of it (no mention of holy spirit) would go over their heads. It'd be a case of 'does not compute'. There are more glaring examples in the Proclaimers book than this one, but it is an interesting point, nonetheless.


    EndofMysteries posted Mon, 10 Dec 2012 08:09:07 GMT(12/10/2012)

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    Sd-7 - For Rutherford's entire reign, he taught that holy spirit was done away with when Jesus started to rule in 1918/1919. This was taught until he died. And probably about 20 years or so after, the teaching was never done away with, they just brought back holy spirit into the picture and stopped teaching that it was angels or those 'beyond the veil' who were bringing in the 'new light'.

    It seems like a minor insignificant detail until you put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and I hope to share within a couple of weeks what exactly happens after the puzzle is solved.

    ÁrbolesdeArabia posted Mon, 10 Dec 2012 08:16:09 GMT(12/10/2012)

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    @London: I am going to buy "Captives of a Concept" after I finish reading a couple of other books. The Watchtower has never claimed to be honest with their own history, have they?

    Vanderhoven7 posted Mon, 10 Dec 2012 09:43:05 GMT(12/10/2012)

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    M moshe posted Mon, 10 Dec 2012 14:12:42 GMT(12/10/2012)

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    JWs are addicted to their promise of everlasting life on a paradise earth and being able to cheat death in the process. Most JWs are holding on to that false WT dogma so tightly that even obvious lying in the WT publications doesn't break that loyalty to the KH-- you mean I wasted my whole life and I'm going to die like everybody else?!


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