Series Of Tragedies Continues Among Jehovah's Witnesses In Washington State

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    qua posted Sat, 18 Oct 2003 20:40:00 GMT(10/18/2003)

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    Do these things including the sending of convicted pedophiles door-to-door upset you too?

    Then why not make contribution checks payable to SILENTLAMBS at Silentlambs, PO Box 311, Calvert City, KY 42029.

    Imagine, for every revealing article that hits the paper there may be ninety-nine that stay untold. For the one at Kent I corrected the heading to Death instead of Suicide since Mulan pointed out the need.



    A jury let Curtis Thompson, convicted of committing four violent Seattle rapes in 1985, go free from King County Courthouse after over 17 years in prison to live in his mother's home near Sand Point at an address in the 5500 block of 39th Avenue Northeast. In most incidents, Thompson threatened victims with a knife or a gun and bound their feet and hands. He broke into their homes, woke then raped them.

    He cut one woman's arm from elbow to wrist, raped her with a broomstick and punched her teen daughter in the face when she came home. He had no psychological treatment program from the state but frequently counseled with fellow Jehovah's Witnesses. *(Seattle Intelligencer Reporter, by Wyatt Buchanan, Tuesday, October 7, 2003; P-I reporter Chris McGann contributed to this report and can be reached at 206-448-8011 or wyattbuchanan@seattlepi.) JEHOVAH'S WITNESS ELDER CHILD MOLESTOR IN SPOKANE

    An article headed "Jehovah's Witness elder abused girl" says Edward N Davis (40), who was an elder in a kingdom hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Spokane Valley, was sentenced to 90 days in jail for sexually molesting a girl in his congregation 8 years from when she was 10. Her family apparently was close friends with Davis who began repeatedly calling the girl and leaving notes on her car after she moved from home at age 18. When the parents reportedly became aware of the abuse in 2002, the mother confronted Davis on the phone and he confessed. They spoke to elders at the Kingdom Hall who agreed to disfellowship Davis two years, but 6 months later he was back alhough not as an elder, so the victim and her parents went to police. The mother said "They promised two years. Our thought was that the children would be protected."

    When Davis was banned, the congregation was not told why. According to court documents the elders also refused to help the detective to the case, saying Davis spoke in confidence. Davis pleaded guilty to second-degree sexual misconduct with a minor. Besides jail time he got 2 years probation and had to register as a sex offender. After sentencing he was not scheduled to report to jail for a couple of weeks, deputy prosecutor Patrick Johnson said. Writer Nina Culver in 2003 was at (509) 927-2158 or e-mail at On TV website: Discussed at +


    Police said Melanie Hernandez, a Jehovah?s Witness, was with a loan-scam ring that fraudulently obtained 13 homes worth $3 million before leaving Vancouver, Washington, after two members were arrested and planning to jump bail. Miguel D. Hernandez-Garcia is also known as Michael Andrews, 22, his sister, Melania Hernandez, is also known as Melanie Marie Andrews, 21. They failed to appear in Clark County Superior Court on Monday and ran off according to Vancouver police Detective Ed Hewitt. The loan-fraud operation included their mother, Milly H. Hernandez, 41, aka Heidi Ruiz and Melinda Joy Grooms-Unruh, and grandmother, Ermina Hernandez, 69, aka Herminia Ruiz. Detective Troy Price said ?My feeling is they've been doing this in other places.? The group has ties with Florida. Call the police tip line at 360-696-8148. October 2, 2003 Columbian staff writer John Branton $


    When tried in 2001, 16 year old William Lembcke confessed to murdering his parents, a brother and sister after disciplined for secretly videotaping his sister taking a shower.


    "It was the Kent Covington congregation, South of Seattle in Washington State. Her name was Janice Maxfield...1977. She was 34, and left two teenage daughters, and her husband, my brother. Their son died at birth, and Janice bled out very fast. She lived a few hours, in a coma. No blood." (Mulan at


    Spanish Congregation: Manuel Beliz, a Jehovah?s Witness, was convicted and imprisoned at Walla Walla for child molestation although his congregation elders had local members support him. MS (MINISTERIAL SERVANT) AT RICHLAND REVEALS UPHEAVALS

    "I began associating in the late 1960s and was baptized in 1970. I believed I had the heavenly calling almost from the beginning of my JW life ... but like most newbies, I refrained from partaking due to the JW culture created by the Society. When I chose to first take the emblems, I was serving as an MS in Richland, Washington. We also had another young Elder who professed his Anointing. My family and I moved just after a major blow-out where 29 JWs were disfellowshipped across 7 or so congregations from southeast Washington to Northeast Oregon and into Idaho, and I think maybe one congregation in Montana. This scenario was mentioned in Jim Penton's book, Apocalypse Delayed. Leanna Morley said she was abused by a pedophile among JWs when in Washington state and when interviewed she was in Oregon...

    Sue was seven years old and living in Washington. Her molester later made a chilling confession. He said there were 24 to 42 little girls that he had molested -- he couldn't remember how many exactly.

    Bill Bowen says by the end of the year he expects at least 100 lawsuits to be filed against the faith.

    The problem is huge, he said. "It's of global proportions. You're talking about tens of thousands of children who've been molested in the last ten years. Tens of thousands, easily."


    M freedom96 posted Sat, 18 Oct 2003 21:42:00 GMT(10/18/2003)

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    Seems to me, that God's direct chanel, his own chosen religion, should not be having these problems. Hmmmm.

    Or maybe, the WTS is not God's organization, and they are no different than anyone else out there.

    Shitty people doing shitty things.

    minimus posted Sat, 18 Oct 2003 22:00:00 GMT(10/18/2003)

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    Geesh Stay out of Washington, for heaven's sake.

    M drwtsn32 posted Sat, 18 Oct 2003 22:07:00 GMT(10/18/2003)

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    My family and I moved just after a major blow-out where 29 JWs were disfellowshipped across 7 or so congregations from southeast Washington

    I live in the Tri-Cities and heard rumors about this "blow out"...but never any real details. Where can I get more info?

    F Mulan posted Sun, 19 Oct 2003 01:54:00 GMT(10/19/2003)

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    "It was the Kent Covington congregation, South of Seattle in Washington State. Her name was Janice Maxfield...1977. She was 34, and left two teenage daughters, and her husband, my brother. Their son died at birth, and Janice bled out very fast. She lived a few hours, in a coma. No blood." (Mulan at

    I have to protest this one. This was MY sister in law and she did not commit suicide. Why is this labeled as a suicide? She was in a coma for hours and never made a decision.

    M SixofNine posted Sun, 19 Oct 2003 02:00:00 GMT(10/19/2003)

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    that's nancee for ya, Mulan

    F marriedtodamob posted Sun, 19 Oct 2003 02:17:00 GMT(10/19/2003)

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    As a newbie and a non JW married to one, I have a rather serious question for everyone about this issue:

    If you happen to know of someone who has abused children in the past, and most likely still is, what should you do? This person happens to be my husband's brother and is an active member in good standing in a cong in the NW. The entire family is JW and denies it, but my husband's children were among some of the children involved. This did occur many years ago.

    My husband is just now trying to get reinstated and when asked about this, he did not want to deal with it. His kids are now grown and still dubs in a different part of the state and do not have much contact with their father's family, nor have they come forward with any pertinent info re: this abuse other than to their respective therapists. My husband hopes someday to hear "the rest of the story" in regards to his brother's actions towards his own kids, when and if they are ever ready to tell the whole truth. I think we all know why they and countless others have never come forward to "blow the whistle"on this guy.

    I would dearly love to warn everyone in this particular area of the NW about this predator!



    qua posted Sun, 19 Oct 2003 12:27:00 GMT(10/19/2003)

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    Mulan, I have now ccrrected it to read death instead of suicide.

    Marriedtothelamb, with his experience and connections with law enforcement and lawyers, Bill Bowen would be an excellent person to contact for more information. Email at once to

    M jimbob posted Sun, 19 Oct 2003 18:16:00 GMT(10/19/2003)

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    Okay, I just read this thread and I have some information regarding Curtis Thompson.

    Back when I was just out of high school in '86 and pioneering like every good high school graduate should (instead of college), I knocked on a door near Sandpoint, and an older lady came to the door. We talked for a while and I learned she was familiar with JW's and had a son in prison (she never told me why he was there) that had become a JW and asked if I'd like to write to him to encourage him. Well...being someone who hated field service, I thought this would be an excellent way to count time.....:) The name of the fellow in prison was Curtis Thompson, and at the time, he was in the Walla Walla state penitentiary. We corresponded for several years, but not very frequently.

    His letters were always chock full of scriptures and the usual WT bs. But I was happy to write back cause I got to count several hours and at least 1 RV. After a while, I did learn why he was in prison, (for rape) but I never knew the extent of how violent he was. But there was one occasion where he did write me asking for any sisters that may be interested in writing him. I of course told him NO WAY (in a polite JW kind of a way) and he pretty much didn't write to me after that. It's been around 9 or 10 years since I last heard from him. But after reading what he did, it just makes me sick. Of course, the JW's feel that anybody who becomes a JW is cured of any past problems they may have had. Absolute BS!! This just makes me sick...I feel even sicker that I wrote to the sorry bastard after what he did.

    He actually resides in my mother's territory, but she hasn't made mention of him going to her congregation. I may have to ask if he is. But I doubt it. Too bad he wasn't locked up for good!!!

    Nathan Natas posted Sun, 19 Oct 2003 19:39:00 GMT(10/19/2003)

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    Say, Jimbob, do you know if Curtis has symbolized his Borg assimilation by water baptism?

    Is he a baptized dub?

    M jimbob posted Mon, 20 Oct 2003 00:51:00 GMT(10/20/2003)

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    Hi Nathan. Yes, he is a baptized dub. He was dunked in prison. I remember him telling me they were going to have to dunk him in a barrel cause that was all that they had. But I did talk with my mother tonight to get an update.

    He is currently attending her congregation. He started immediately after he got here. She hasn't talked to him, but she said everybody is cautious. They all know who he is...but of course, when your name and picture is plastered all over the news, how can you NOT know. She told me he answers and they call him "brother Thompson". I'm sure they chalk it up to another terrible person who's turned over a new leaf since he joined the JW religion. But no matter what, he will carry his past for the remainder of his existence...JW or no JW. I'm sure the elders watch him pretty close. I think any religion would watch a convicted rapist closely. Even the JW's. But in the meantime, they will continue, I'm sure, to show him "brotherly love". I think he's a sick bastard who should've stayed locked up. My mother said her hall gets all the wackos. (and believe me, it does) If I hear anymore info, I'll be sure and post it. I'm sure the elders will promote him soon so he can be in on all the juicy committee meetings and counsel them on fornication and molestation issues. (I'm kidding here....but then again, nothing in the JW religion surprises me anymore)

    SpunkyChick posted Mon, 20 Oct 2003 01:13:00 GMT(10/20/2003)

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    Wow, those articles are truly shocking. What a f*cked up cult.

    Mr. Kim posted Sat, 01 Nov 2003 15:44:00 GMT(11/1/2003)

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    Bunch of sick SOBs. Perhaps -- if the "people" rallied and administered JUSTICE as in the "olden days," the children might be safer as the message sent would be if you commit this crime, you WILL pay the price on a permeant scale.


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