Why do Jehovah's Witnesses keep track of field service hours?


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    Stand for Pure Worship posted Sat, 23 Nov 2013 23:48:42 GMT(11/23/2013)

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    Excellent references Blondie!

    adamah posted Sun, 24 Nov 2013 00:00:26 GMT(11/24/2013)

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    Shirley said-

    I'm just diggin the way AlphaMan is calling Stand For Pure Worship (otherwise known around these parts as Miz) STFU. . . !!

    I presume Miz is another past user-name? Are you saying SFPW is simply acting the role of a faithful JW when they're not?

    F blondie posted Sun, 24 Nov 2013 00:15:30 GMT(11/24/2013)

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    STPW....so where does it say that they continued to count who were baptized, only men? where are children and women mentioned. Where are hours, placements, return visits or even bible studies counted? Where does it even say that there were publications used by Christians or placed with non-Christians. Does it say that because of the 2 times were encouraging, why did they not continue reporting. In fact it is almost impossible for historians of any kind to find how many Christians there were in the first century. If they added them at 3,000 and 5,000 a clip by the end of that century, there would most likely be over 144,000. The WTS discounts any Christians after that as stained, flawed, corrupt and not a part of the congregation any more.

    There is no scriptural basis for filling out a piece of paper or vellum and giving it to an elder to count in the congregation. There isn't even a count of the publishers in each congregation or the number of men meeting in Jerusalem in Acts 15.

    It wasn't until 1920 that the WTS started having the "publishers" turn in a slip or study a book one on one with non-jws (1937). They used testimony cards and record players and sound cards because they could not speak for themselves about God.

    So your praise is misplaced and rather the WTS should be ashamed of what they present as preaching and teaching.

    Finkelstein posted Sun, 24 Nov 2013 00:16:09 GMT(11/24/2013)

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    Why do Jehovah's Witnesses keep track of field service hours?

    The easiest and directly obvious answer to this is that the WTS. is a publishing house that creates its own alluring articles

    to attract a readership base, from these naive and gullible the WTS. sets about to exploit these ones to further distribute

    the WTS's literature.

    The WTS also creates a mechanism of guilt impressed into its followers to do the lord's work

    as it were, which involves going to door door with the organization's literature in hand of spreading the Gospel,

    unfortunately these people aren't completely aware they being exploited by the WTS. through its lying corrupt doctrines.

    The WTS. instills within its followers a measure (counting hours) of how much they are faithful to God by their work

    of spreading the WTS. literature publicly, which is another part of the corruption of this organization.

    F BizzyBee posted Sun, 24 Nov 2013 04:30:31 GMT(11/24/2013)

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    I get the sense that Mssr. "Stands For Pure Worship" actually stands outside of the Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. I get a real sense of apartness - that SFPW is on the outside looking in - not a true participant in the daily life of the congregation but a JW wannabe. He/she idealizes the motives and the objectives of the WTS organization, but does not truly share in the efforts to realize those goals. He/she does not reveal any genuine involvement - only philosophical observations about the JW's, but not from a personal perspective. What I guess you'd call a hypocrite.

    nonjwspouse posted Sun, 24 Nov 2013 04:48:42 GMT(11/24/2013)

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    Ok from what I understand, the only way the WTBTS is able to maintain a tax free status, is to show proof of giving to the community with the "tax free donations" The only way to prove that is by presenting these preaching reports, a service to the comunity. Since we all know full well there is NO other "service" provided to the communiry at large aside from the "passing out literature" with suggestions of donations.

    Makes perfect sense doesnt it? I havent checked on the date of the requirement of proof of community service for non profit tax status and the requirement of time cards. I will bet they coincide.

    Faithful Witness posted Sun, 24 Nov 2013 04:55:54 GMT(11/24/2013)

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    SFPW: Thank you for your reply.

    I think elders and CO's are men. I reject the notion that these men are capable of evaluating your spiritual health, on the basis of a field service report.

    To suggest this, is to tell me that these men are mediators who are somehow in control of your relationship with Jehovah God. While they DO control your relationship with Jehovah's organization, they are men, who are also being controlled by the society. These reporting rules are not biblical, but for business purposes, according to your own explanation.

    From my understanding, the Watchtower is a corporation.

    I would also like to make an observation. Jehovah's Witnesses most certainly do pat themselves on the back for their efforts. When you put your name on the top of that time card, you are taking credit from the men above you inside the organization, accepting recognition for your righteous acts and your recorded theocratic activities. Also, as a bible student, our teacher and his wife, separately and on more than one occasion, were not shy about pointing out how they were VOLUNTEERS in the organization. They also made sure to insult and mock worldly people who did charity work for the poor, for abandoned animals and even cancer research. They proclaimed that their preaching work was the only worthwhile effort in Jehovah's eyes.

    They were never shy about insulting anyone who was not a JW. Nothing was off-limits for them. While on the surface they seemed meek and gentle, I saw them turn into vicious and paranoid creatures, whenever they started speaking about anyone outside the organization, especially anyone who was trying to make a difference in the world.

    I don't mean to sound bitter, because I actually have a great compassion for the JW people. I don't blame them. But your claim that JW's are merely humble volunteers, who do their work dutifully without complaining or puffing themselves up with pride, is a little far from reality.

    Putting it simply: You are reporting your efforts to men. Maybe not to be posted on the bulletin board for all to see, but still to be recognized by men. Your condescending tone, is giving away the fact that you are getting defensive. I am not changing the subject, by bringing up these verses... that was my original question. When I was reviewing this section of Matthew a few weeks ago, it really threw me for a loop.

    Thank you for explaining your position and beliefs. It will be interesting to hear what my dad says, if I ever get a chance to ask him this question.

    M Earnest posted Sun, 24 Nov 2013 15:21:11 GMT(11/24/2013)

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    Faithful Witness : From my understanding, a certain number of reported hours are required to maintain the different levels in the congregation hierarchy.

    The primary reason given is that numbers were recorded in the first century Christian congregation, and that it serves as an encouragement and enables the Watchtower Society to be aware where the need is greater.

    In my own case I was persuaded by scripture that it is contrary to the spirit of Christ to report what one does, and have not done so for thirty years. While I could still take the lead in field service, give talks on the Ministry School and even be a public reader of the Watchtower magazine I have not qualified as a ministerial servant or elder. Nor would I be recognised as a regular pioneer. I have heard of elders who stopped reporting field service after their appointment and remained as elders but that is certainly the exception.

    UN informed posted Sun, 24 Nov 2013 17:03:25 GMT(11/24/2013)

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    It's a targeted approach.

    those who do less re targeted.



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