F&DS New Light Official JW Statement


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    konceptual99 posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 11:09:03 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    The new light (TM) is on JW.org. Not had time to digest it but it's looking pretty much whathas been divulged already. Looking forward to seeing the responses from the forum and the brothers and sisters now it's in the open. Interesting that it comes out on the web and not the WT. perhaps the GB realise the web makes it impossible to keep this contained.


    jwleaks posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 11:19:40 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    A PDF version of the official report can be downloaded from JW LEAKS.


    unstopableravens posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 11:24:39 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    this is amazing ! i wondering how long it will take to get around.

    M Pubsinger posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 11:30:00 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    Surely a landmark moment. 'New Light' via the website.
    I suspect that they hope most of the rank and file miss this . . .

    I wonder if they are actually going to put this in the Watchtower.

    As usual, the HUGE implications of this will be lost to virtually all JWs.

    F wannaexit posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 11:42:55 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    Welcome the new and improved watchtower papacy.

    unstopableravens posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 11:43:23 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    yeah it seems they want this to be poured slowly maybe thats why they waited a month to post it and it will be a while before its in a publication. they most be worried what would happened if it all came out at one time to the whole jdub community

    Witness My Fury posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 12:00:33 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    I'm betting if you shoved that under the nose of 99% of JWs they wouldnt bat an eyelid and would insist that that is not any sort of "new light" and is what they have been taught for the last many decades...

    I'm tempted to try it on my own nearest and dearest, but believe the outcome will be as above plus the added negative of them casting me in a negative light for even mentioning it.

    M Jeffro posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 12:01:11 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    This 'new light' is fairly obviously an attempt to distance themselves from the teachings of Charles Taze Russell. (Strictly speaking, it is indeed more accurate to say Rutherford was the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses anyway after he co-opted the Watch Tower Society and some of Russell's Bible Students.)

    The Watch Tower Society has previously claimed (particularly throughout the 1980s and 1990s) that "The Watchtower has consistently presented evidence to honesthearted students of Bible prophecy that Jesus’ presence in heavenly Kingdom power began in 1914" (The Watchtower, 15 January 1993).

    The Internet has made it extremely easy to disprove such claims by showing quite specifically that Russell actually believed Jesus' "presence as Bridegroom and Reaper was recognized during the first three and a half years, from A. D. 1874 to A. D. 1878", that "The year A. D. 1878 … clearly marks the time for the actual assuming of power as King of kings" (both quotes Studies in the Scriptures Volume III [Thy Kingdom Come], 1911 edition, page 239), and that Armageddon would "break out with suddenness and force not long after October, 1914" (The Watchtower, 15 May 1911).

    So because 'the jig is up' with their claims about Russell, it would appear that they have decided it is in their best interests to simply cut ties with him instead. (It is also possible that complaints have been made by extant Bible Student groups about the Watch Tower Society claiming Russell as a JW.) In keeping with this, Charles Taze Russell hasn't been mentioned at all in any JW publications since 2009.

    That's not to say they will never mention him again, but it is quite likely that in future if they do refer to him, it will be in the same manner as others such as William Miller, and not as someone they consider to have had their god's approval. Though with 2014 looming, it is fairly unlikely they will focus on much of anything from the long-gone 19th century. (Similarly, references to 1914 have been way down in post-1990s JW literature compared to the 1990s and earlier.)

    (Of course, now that the FDS has been 'identified' as the Governing Body [which it has apparently been since 1919 even though the GB didn't formally exist until the 1970s], they should be able to front up to court in Victoria, Australia for the Unthank "working with children" case. Unless they're still claiming the 'slave' still doesn't actually exist.)

    maisha posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 12:31:25 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    What a feeling to be anointed. Called by holy spirit.

    Simply to be a Domestic slave!.


    solomon posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 12:47:52 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    I have just read it quick. I think they have opened a box full of many questions with this new light and have backed themselves into a theology corner.

    They are creating a third class in their heirarchy. The fds(gb), regular joe and jane partaker, and the other sheep. They will have to rewrite many books.

    M Jeffro posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 13:04:41 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    I have just read it quick. I think they have opened a box full of many questions with this new light and have backed themselves into a theology corner.
    They are creating a third class in their heirarchy. The fds(gb), regular joe and jane partaker, and the other sheep. They will have to rewrite many books.

    It does indeed seem like quite a mess. But one of the aims of this change will be to discourage increases in the number of partakers, since there's now less 'prestige' in being a 'partaker'.

    unstopableravens posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 13:27:37 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    i am so glad that jesus said " come unto me" these man made religion are so corrupt wt and catholic are at the top of list!

    00DAD posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 14:56:45 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    When Did Jesus Appoint “the Faithful and Discreet Slave” Over His Domestics?

    " Logically, then, “the faithful and discreet slave” must have appeared after Christ’s presence began in 1914."

    Actually, that is completely ILLOGICAL. Leolaia completely deconstructed this in another thread, but the essential point is this: the slave in the parable was put in charge while the master went away. That slave was identified as either "faithful" or "evil" when the master returned, but based upon his activities while the master was away.

    Matthew 24:45-51:

    45 “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time? 46 Happy is that slave if his master on arriving finds him doing so. 47 Truly I say to ? YOU , He will appoint him over all his belongings.

    48 “But if ever that evil slave should say in his heart, ‘My master is delaying,’ 49 and should start to beat his fellow slaves and should eat and drink with the confirmed drunkards, 50 the master of that slave will come on a day that he does not expect and in an hour that he does not know, 51 and will punish him with the greatest severity and will assign him his part with the hypocrites. There is where [his] weeping and the gnashing of [his] teeth will be.

    Duh! These guys are complete idiots when it comes to interpreting the Bible.

    Maybe they're setting things up to say that Jesus hasn't returned yet. 1914 is about to go "bye-bye" and a new date is soon to be announced as the "New Light" version of Christ's Invisible Presence.

    bats in the belfry posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 15:10:55 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    Wow! Just awsome! The "other sheep" script writers - also going by the name 'nethinim' - are setting the FDS up to fail big time.

    Steven Lett is something else (Video @6:35).

    Guess what? When the program was over, the interviewees did not comment on this 'exciting new development' even once - it past by them silently. But then, hey, they were invited and in attendance - it was a great social happening!

    00DAD posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 15:13:56 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    Jeffro: In keeping with this, Charles Taze Russell hasn't been mentioned at all in any JW publications since 2009.

    Wow, that's significant!

    How was that verified?

    That makes sense that they would do that. I'd like to document it. Can you provide some documentation or a reference?



    M Poztate posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:17:09 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    Did they not teach that the "dead annointed" were already resurrected in 1914 or so and they were just hanging out with Jesus since then, planning and plotting for Armageddon ?

    Is this a new doctrinal belief also then ?

    What Are Jesus’ “Belongings”?

    Jesus said: “All authority has been given me in heaven and on the earth.” (Matthew 28:18) Jesus’ “belongings” thus include more than just his earthly interests. They include the Messianic Kingdom.—Philippians 2:9-11.

    Consequently, Jesus will reward “the faithful and discreet slave” by resurrecting the individual members of that group to heavenly life and by giving them royal authority over all Christ’s belongings in heaven and on earth. This is the same reward promised to all faithful anointed Christians.—Luke 22:28-30; Revelation 20:6.

    M wha happened? posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:28:05 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    Yea as many have commented, this will blow by like a fart in the wind. Some of this nonsensical dogma and changes are getting way to complex for even the writers to understand. Let alone someone who thumbs through his WT for a few minutes before meeting.

    In ten years. CTR will be like his partners back then. Just a breif mention of "what some honest hearted individuals were trying to accomplish, scriptually".

    I've heard there were attempts to rid 1914 from the books, as Ray Franz pointed out. They might have had more credibility had they done this in the 70's. Now it's just looks like they make it up as they go. Oh wait, they really do that

    Scott77 posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:28:10 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    I think they have opened a box full of many questions with this new light and have backed themselves into a theology corner.

    They are creating a third class in their heirarchy. The fds(gb), regular joe and jane partaker, and the other sheep. They will have to rewrite many books.


    Hi solomon,

    That observation was interesting to me. Alot of literatures might be produced. People outside the United States are going to conclude that JW is indeed an American cult group. The new light is obvious.



    Aurelius posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 17:33:18 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    Ok, so the WT/GB are saying that two appointments take place.

    1. The master, Jesus, appointed the FDS over 'his domestics' in 1919 (verse 45).

    2. Jesus will appoint the FDS 'over all his belongings" (all Kingdom interests) during the great tribulation (verse 47).

    In summary... 'his domestics' and 'his belongings' are not part of the same thing and that the two appointments take place several years apart.

    So are we to conclude that 'his domestics' are not also 'his belongings' ???

    LostGeneration posted Sat, 10 Nov 2012 19:25:22 GMT(11/10/2012)

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    Nothing to add in the FDS garbage, but this made me throw up a little in my mouth:

    Children’s Chorus:

    There were few dry eyes in the audience as a chorus of 17 children sang “Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed” from the songbook Sing to Jehovah (Song No. 120).


      Confirm ...