Is the Shun Gun pointed at someone you love?


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    mercedes_29 posted Sun, 26 Feb 2012 18:54:00 GMT(2/26/2012)

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    I just got off of the phone with my mother. She is baptized although inactive for the past three years. She was at the grocery store today and ran into a "brother" and a "sister" separately. They both made a point to look at her and then look quickly away as if she wasn't there. She called me to say that these two should know better, one having been df'd before for drinking and the other for shielding his daughter when she was "gross sinning" before she got df'd. She said it seems as though they are treating her as already df'd so why bother going back. I told her that the Jesus they preach about wouldn't have treated her that way and if they really gave a damn about her "salvation" they would have at least greeted her and "encouraged" her to come back. In the end she seemed happy that she got treated that way. The more she reads on this forum and the more she sees how she is treated makes her pretty confident in not going back. Her user name is phroggygreen, if you see her post please welcome her. She started reading after I suggested this forum to her.

    charlie brown jr. posted Sun, 26 Feb 2012 19:02:00 GMT(2/26/2012)

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    I haven't been DF'd or anything like that..........

    Yet My Family just up and left one day.......

    The Last time I spoke to my Daughter she was 13-14..........

    She is Now 24..

    My Son made attempts but soon fell in line with the Shunning..

    Time helped me... I feel no sadness anymore....

    I have a Family I know would Never even think of doing such a thing..

    And Yes This Forum helped me see

    I was not Unique....

    F mrsjones5 posted Sun, 26 Feb 2012 19:03:00 GMT(2/26/2012)

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    Yes, they certainly were a fine witness for jehovah.

    ziddina posted Mon, 27 Feb 2012 00:29:00 GMT(2/27/2012)

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    That's a really cute name...


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