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    Pig picture sends up Vermont police

    12:00 Mon Feb 6 2012 AFP

    Vermont's police force was oink-credibly embarrassed when they realized that the emblem on their squad cars had been doctored to show a pig.

    Long an insulting term to refer to police, a pig is hardly the symbol that uniformed officers would like to display.

    But right there in the state seal mounted on most of the New England state's police cruisers there is now a curly tailed porky pig, the Burlington Free Press reported Friday.

    The shield shows a, legitimate, cow among other pastoral details and the pig is drawn cleverly, although hardly discreetly, into the regular splotches on the cow's hide.

    State officials noticed on Thursday, then traced the prank to a prison printing shop in Saint Albans, the Free Press said.

    Apparently an inmate four years ago was able to modify the computer program and inserted the extra image.

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