The annual Jehovah's Witness Satanic Ritual


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    M unclebruce posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 13:03:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    Jehovahs Witnesses are lovely people, I should know - I officially still am one ... but ... although their great cult leader, Judge Joseph Rutherford, banned them from taking part in the evil pagan celebrations of birthdays and such, there is one ceremony that is ridgedly and solemly adhered to. The anual celebration of the "Lords evening meal". As most here are aware, each Nissan14, Kingdom Halls around the world are packed to the collection boxes with the 'happiest people on earth'. A 'memorial talk is then given in which all in attendance are left in no doubt that to partake of the bread and wine about to be 'served' is strictly for the 8,000 or so of 'the little flock class' - the 'remnant' of Jesus 144,000 asigned to heavenly life. (people like YouKnow, Bruce144, bibleman and logical)

    After reading Jesus instructions from Matthew 26: "take this bread it means my body" plates of unleaven bread are passed around the Hall. Following that, Jesus instuctions "take this cup it means my blood" is read out and cups of red wine are passed around. The interesting thing is that the attendants are instructed that everone in attendence must be handed the plate and then hand it back or on to the next person (it is humourous and revealing to see the attendants passing the plates back and forth between themselves - it isn't enough not to partake - you must make an active act of rejection of Jesus sacrafice! For Jehovahs Witnesses denying the body and blood of Christ is a formal ritual rejecting Jesus risen and as contrary to Jesus direct instructions "do this thing in rememberance of me" as any Satanic coven may invent.


    PS: Of course the entire ceremony is of ancient pagan origin anyway (see Mithrism)

    M ozziepost posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 13:16:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    G'day unc,

    Good to hear from you, old son.

    How right you are about the rejection of Christ's sacrifice. As I mentioned on an earlier post, this rejection of the bread and wine is advertised in the Awake! magazine of March 22. On the back page are pictures of the uneaten and untaken bread being passed from one to the other at the KH and likewise with the full glass of red wine. Yet the very scripture that is read (as included in the Memorial talk outline) 1 Cor 11:25 states: "Keep doing this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me."

    The Memorial is actually a celebration of NOT DOING IT.


    Ozzie (of the non unpartakers class)

    P.S. Is the Garden of Eden getting a bit cool now?

    TheHighPriest posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 14:12:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    Hi UB,

    Good post but know you've made it difficult for me.
    I got invited the other day to the memorial and I don't want take part in any satanic ritual so, oh I know all I have to do is take it eat it and drink it and 3 2 1 I'll be the topic of every discussion for the rest of the year. :)


    BadAssociate posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 15:24:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    bruce - thanks for a provocative thought

    the satanic ritual was a good night out though - and didnt the girls look pretty


    M unclebruce posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 16:05:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    G'day apostates,

    Ozzie the weather is perfect here. (actually put a windcheater on yesterday) I'll be up in the big smoke again next week - maybe I can shout you that meal I owe ya ;)

    THP - My sister and I have a bet going to see who has the guts to go the slurp first. Isn't it ironic that us pagans wanna show Jesus some respect but JWs are forced to do a public act of rejection. I almost partook last year with Timmee1 at StMary's congregation in western Sydney but ... an emergency prevented it - spooky! (Timmee even bought a digital camera to take photos and post on the net) Go along, drink up, enjoy - don't forget to swill the wine around your palate and make loud educated comments on it's vintage.

    BadAss - the strangest thing about the good night out was all the strangers comming out of the woodwork to attend - they seem to think attending the Satanic version of the cannibal feast will somehow keep them in Jehovah's good books (keep his erazer away from that penciled in name) Seeing it the way I do now it would feel real weird.

    cheers unclebruce

    dark clouds posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 16:16:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    OK Tell you what, i live outside NYC on the jersey side of manhatten if there are ANY heathens in this vicinity willing to go to this memorial, and partake im me, we will attend it together and PARTAKE of the blood and the body. . .

    Im not even joking about this lets do it

    of the daring class

    dark clouds posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 16:17:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    OK Tell you what, i live outside NYC on the jersey side of manhatten if there are ANY heathens in this vicinity willing to go to this memorial, and partake im me, we will attend it together and PARTAKE of the blood and the body. . .

    Im not even joking about this lets do it

    of the daring class

    BadAssociate posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 17:23:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    darkclouds - what are the chances of you getting this on film
    either stills or video?


    if you do this you'll be pissing yourself laughing about it for years afterwards IMO

    dark clouds posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 17:48:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    Badass you cant even imagine i am plotting and scheeming, i want a witness(no pun of course) to this event i believe the experience would produce a very tight bond. . .
    i am even hoping for a few of us that way we can spread out and distract them, have several of us partake and really irritate them. . .
    Riz went as far as suggesting we fill up an entire row, can you imagine the chaos as they attempt to rip the cups and platters out of our hands?!!!!


    M trevor posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 18:09:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    You missed the letter 'n' out of the thread title -
    it's just as well you didn't miss the letter 'u' as well -
    that would have really caught our eye!

    M unclebruce posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 18:14:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    g'day Chuck: My sister is a witch and jokes about taking a jar of pickles to put on her wafer before she eats it. I very much doubt the bread Jesus and his disciples ate was anything like the flour and water wafers we served up to our remnant bros.

    g'day Trevor: Thought it looked strange - what if I edit it now - would that be like the WBTS editing the bound volumes of embarrassing ... um ... lies is the only word for them I guess.


    PS: I remmember the shock of going into the backroom after one memorial and seeing a kinda cracker and wine party with the leftovers. I was only 11 but it seemed pretty disrespectfull to me.

    willy_think posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 21:19:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    i don't get that whole thing with the host. if jesus said "do this in remembreance of me" how could it be satanic? is jesus satan? was this a metaphor? if so did the apostiles eat? if jesus said to do anything, could it be satanic? isn't him saying to do it the best and only proof (to a charistian) that it is not satanic? if it is not flesh how is bread eating cannibalism? is this just more name calling? to call it canniblism means, to me, that you are saying that god made that bread flesh and if he made it flesh why not take it?

    M Simon posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 21:54:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    It amazes me how they claim that the instruction was 'only to the annointed because that's who he said it to'.

    By their own reasoning, everything he said was to the 'annointed only' including the 'go and make disciples and sell my magazines' command that they love so much !

    M Englishman posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 22:29:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    Whoah there, Brucie Boy!

    How come that the last time I went to a memorial bash, an attendant stood behind me and made sure that I was not offered the emblems, and actually took the plate / glass from the hand of the person on my left and gave it to the person on my right, I was not allowed to even touch the plate / glass?


    F patio34 posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 23:09:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    Good point: if the NT is written only to the anointed, then that would include making disciples, etc.!


    M unclebruce posted Thu, 29 Mar 2001 23:56:00 GMT(3/29/2001)

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    G'day English, Sounds like a local pedjudice did you complain to HQ? .. that or .. perhaps you're the chosen one! I know the 'Satanic conspiracy theory' sounds far fetched but Russell was elitist and had some strange bedfellows. You sure they weren't worried about their dinnerware going astray? - I hear it's one thing light fingered cockneys and Romanian dictators have in common

    Great point Simon! So the remnant should do all the doorknocking. Did Rutherford ever go house to house? He definitely liked his wine and crackers.

    cheers unclebruce, still entertained by the Brooklyn bible gymnastics.

    willy_think posted Fri, 30 Mar 2001 00:08:00 GMT(3/30/2001)

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    plese, if someone could answer the question i posted above, acourting to WT doctrine, it would help in my undestanding. i see many great articulate posts one of you must be able to explain.

    Moxy posted Fri, 30 Mar 2001 00:22:00 GMT(3/30/2001)

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    this raises a question ive wondered about. when people _do_ show up out of the blue and partake, do they usually get counted? of course, we are not sposed to judge who's genuine or not but in practice, do u think elders make exceptions when they feel it necessary? how many of the 8000+ would be accounted for by people that just showed up and either chose to disobey or the talk or just didnt get it?


    F bluesapphire posted Fri, 30 Mar 2001 01:28:00 GMT(3/30/2001)

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    Uncle Bruce! Finally I found you! I am Bin. I promised you a "Truth" book back around September last year. Then my computer crashed and when I finally came back up a few weeks ago, H2O was gone and I didn't know where to find you. E-mail me at and I still got that book for you.

    I have a question for you though, I want to have proof that this is really a Satanic ritual. I DESPERATELY need to have proof. Can you direct me?


    M unclebruce posted Fri, 30 Mar 2001 03:13:00 GMT(3/30/2001)

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    G'day Bin,

    Glad you found me - I felt guilty 'cos I hadn't sent you a book too. I'll mail you after the weekend (I'm off fishing with a mate)

    As for the Satanic ritual side of things - I'll try and find my post on it from this time last year on H20 - I think I referenced one of my witchcraft books in that. I also need to look up Moses 'zodiac' Jewel studed breastplate for someone else. (I think it's in the same book) Funny how ya get more real information about the bible from pagan books than christian ones.

    cheers unc, I hope you're settling in OK (I still got your address - figured moving wasn't easy)

    PS: The 'proof' you seek might be hard to obtain Satanism is far less organised than fundies would have you think (in my opinion it is little to be fearful of - all that negative energy can only implode back in on itself) I'm a simple man and go with what I see here before me - people forced to make a definite act of rejection of the emblems of Christs ressurection/ransom.


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