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    Joey Jo-Jo posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 01:04:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    I have been reading COC and ISOCF in the train every morning and noticed some funny stuff occurring.

    This witness (I knew because I have seen her before reading jw literature, she probably saw me as well before reading a jw book but we never spoke), she spotted somehow and knew that I was reading apostate books, I was on the far left of the train and she was on the far right, I have good peripheral vision and noticed her having a good look at me ( to advise the spiritual policemen) and when I turned my head to the right she would quickly look away, this happened on two occasions.

    After a week or so I was sitting in the same spot and on the far left there was another women who I had never seen before, I didn’t noticed her at all until I heard the noise of camera taking a picture (most likely a mobile making the noise of a camera when taking a picture, which most do), again I turned my head around to the right and she somehow magically fell asleep in an instance, one second she is taking a photo the other she’s asleep ahahah.

    I feel like there’s a spiritual gun turned to my head, little do they know that I’m not even a un-bathtised publisher. I regret taking a book study and I have a funny feeling that my liberal studies are going to back fire on me, my parents being JW’s Im not certain what will happen.

    F yknot posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 01:18:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    ........play a little with them.........

    After you finish with Ray's books, bring the Proclaimers, Bearing or Jeremiah........ make a point to flash them the cover.

    Or if you are feeling a bit more 'entitled' go ahead and approach the gal, mention Ray's books, the current WT book you have and the camera taking....

    Say you aren't a JW but find the whole thing slightly interesting and even more so based on their actions.....ask why the weird 'spy' behavior? She will make an excuse, and you can go from there and either guilt her by saying you are now very turned off as no 'true religion of God' would have such gestapo behavior or lead her into a series of conversations that cause her to be stumbled.

    wasblind posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 01:19:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    Hi Jo-Joey.

    I have a question, Just because the first woman was reading WTS lit, how do you know for sure if she was a JW or just reading the literature? did she attened the same hall as you?

    about the second woman, you never seen her before, how do you know she was spying on you, and for what? Just asking.

    M leavingwt posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 01:20:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    Yeah, this sounds like the WT organization that I'm familiar with.

    Truly, this is God's Organization!

    wantstoleave posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 01:22:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    Oh dear! If she was taking a photo, that's invasion of privacy right? I'd expect your parents and you will be expecting a shepherding call soon . She was obviously getting 'proof' of you reading 'apostate' literature. Let us know what else happens.

    Joey Jo-Jo posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 01:26:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    Wasblind: As I mentioned before she had seen me reading jw books but we have never spoken, she started acting weird after I started reading those books, maybe she knows me from the cong I go to but I dont know her??, if she was not a JW why was she acting weird?

    Regarding the other women read my post again, I saw everything.

    wasblind posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 02:40:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    Joey i hope your not offended by my questions, I understand bout the spyin'

    i've had the holiday visits , and the drive by's . And they are trained better

    than the FBI, and the CIA. Heck if the Gov't had of hired them 9/ 11 would

    have never happened.

    Joey Jo-Jo posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 03:50:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    wasblind:- Not at all, i dont think I was being paranoid because it all caught me by surprise, I have been taking this trains carrige for 6 years and never spotted a JW from my cong.

    Ynot:- Thats a good idea, taking pictures alone is considered as an invasion of privacy, such law abiding citizens...not.

    wantstoleave:- sure thing, I will keep everyone posted.

    So what should I say about reading apostate material incase I ever get a shepherding call ?

    Aussie Oz posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 04:58:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    tell them it was a photo copy cover over another book and that you were testing the JWs to see if they are hasty to jump to wrong conclusions...

    a lie, yes. all's fair in spiritual love and war according to THEM.

    and oh, yes, do they ever jump to the wrong conclusions...gossiping slanderers!


    F yknot posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 05:11:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    Shepherding call: Admit it, say you were hounded by (insert name) to really examine the WTS, trash talk both publications in your best theocrateses but still manage to squeak in the finer points of those publications so to scatter a few seeds and perhaps whet their curiousity!

    Be prepared to talk about current WT articles and publications so that you can lavish on the praise!

    M WingCommander posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 12:04:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    Wow.....this is some fucked up behaviour, no doubt about it!!! Talk about people who need to get a life, right??

    Here's what I'd do, only because I have the equipment and I'm half crazy. I have a DSLR camera with 18-200mm lens on it. I'd have that in my breifcase/european-carryall and also my book. Have it on and ready with the lens cap off. Be reading your book. When you catch her looking at you while you're reading, quietly place the book face down, and then quickly retrieve your camera. Quickly extend the lens way out (zoom in) and start taking photos of HER!! (or them) Hahahahahahaa!! Make them feel the same discomfort they have placed upon you. Do this everyday until they stop riding in the same carriage as you.

    - Wing Commander

    Designer Stubble posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 12:12:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    Wow. Interesting story. Doesn't surprise me one bit though. The literature encourages ratting someone out.

    M ProdigalSon posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 12:21:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    This is just like the Soviets after WWII... except thank GOD they don't have the means to torture or kill people physically.....so freakin' paranoid and you have to wonder why, as if anyone gives a crap about their country (or in this case, religion). You just gotta feel sorry for these people. They think Satan is out to get them every second of the day and they have to resort to these tactics to evade his "infiltration". Life to them is not be enjoyed, it's a game of Dodgeball with someone constantly aiming for your soul and eternal fate.

    If they would read their scriptures without the WT blinders, they would know God was within them, and that Satan is within them too, and that they need to get him out instead of worrying about letting him in, they might be able to get on the path to real enlightenment. Unfortunately, they are much further away from that than just about everyone else.


    Joey Jo-Jo posted Thu, 09 Sep 2010 12:22:00 GMT(9/9/2010)

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    When they see me they probably see a wolf under sheep skin, little do they know that the jokes on them.

    It's sad really that I thought like this also in my younger years, that I thought I knew things but wouldn't be able to point them in the bible, I get upset at stuff like this but at the same time sad that some people don't know any better and think they are doing Gods service

    Scott77 posted Fri, 10 Sep 2010 17:10:00 GMT(9/10/2010)

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    Joey i hope your not offended by my questions, I understand bout the spyin'

    i've had the holiday visits , and the drive by's . And they are trained better

    than the FBI, and the CIA. Heck if the Gov't had of hired them 9/ 11 would

    have never happened.


    That may be true to a large extend. As a former victim, I know a lot about Watchtower-inspired spying and illegal surveillances. They like to use car groups, large number of people in different cars, old men and women, children as well as young men and women. They like to do shadowing, overshadowing as you move from place to place. They can keep you under watch 7/24 a day, weeks, months and years. They will make you a subject of their field services, assignment. Regular Pioneers from other congregations will be assigned to overshadow you and various congregations will coordinate this spying. Because you already know members of your congregation, it becomes a matter of other congregation to work it out. The malls, convenient places and gas stations are popular places to stage surveillance. Your work place, parking lot, apartment and travel patterns are some of their favorite. They will way laid you on different roads they think or are sure you will use for the purpose of stalking you. Mostly, they work under a lead coordinator usually a person who will direct the group. Hours spent on spying on you are reported back to the congregation as work done in services. This motivates those involved in Spying to continue it until you caught in act. Even in winter, fall, spring and summer, they will never gave up on you. For me, it took three years to accumulate a wealth of information about Jehovah Witnesses surveillance practices. As stressful as it was, it nevertheless, it helped me feel a thigh of relief in that, I was leaving a corrupted, hypocritical organization which was unworthy of my membership. I would not be feeling guilty for returning to the 'world' It was on that basis that I decided to make it official with the Watchtower by dissociating myself through a letter

    Darth plaugeis posted Fri, 10 Sep 2010 17:16:00 GMT(9/10/2010)

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    Always worried about spies....

    When I was in at work everyone took a turn getting coffee. Get the order.. Joe asks: Darth grab a pcak of smokes for me. Being in your 30's it's tuff to say " Oh No.. see as one of JW's......." They were not for me so I'll do it.

    Enter Store..... PANIC!!!!!!!!

    and that's with No spies!!!

    bez posted Fri, 10 Sep 2010 17:51:00 GMT(9/10/2010)

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    Enter Store..... PANIC!!!!!!!!

    and that's with No spies!!!

    lol darth, that is how i felt today when i grabbed a scratch card!!!

    Ding posted Fri, 10 Sep 2010 17:52:00 GMT(9/10/2010)

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    If you can, move behind them... or even sit next to them

    Darth plaugeis posted Fri, 10 Sep 2010 17:55:00 GMT(9/10/2010)

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    Now I see JW's I know with a Cigar dangling out of my mouth and could careless.......

    I was never DF'd and the things I said to 2 Elders who visited..... should've done the Trick LOL

    ziddina posted Fri, 10 Sep 2010 18:33:00 GMT(9/10/2010)

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    "If you can, move behind them... or even sit next to them ..."

    LOLOLOL!! Ding, good idea - and while you're at it, Joey Jo-Jo, SHARE!!!

    Show them some of the most significant chapters from the book - like Chapter 5 [?] "Tradition and Legalism", and say, "So-and-so [an unbeliever, as Yknot suggested...] said he'd have a bible study with me if I could answer his questions about this book - can you help me with some of these points???"

    Relax and have fun with it!



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